New York City Painter and kinetic artist Joseph Reinholtz broke new ground in color-optics during the Kinetic art movement. Deeply interested in color relationships, aesthetics, and perception, his influences include Georges Seurat's shimmering, pointillist compositions and Josef Albers’ illusionistic square paintings. His optical experiments focus on how color and line can create a sensation of movement as the viewer’s relative position to the artwork changes. In 2011, he shifted the emphasis of his work from paint to pigmented resin.


Reinholtz has often been described as a chromatic mixologist; that he’s created a new medium utilizing unorthodox raw materials. His research and experience in developing a wide palette of hand-ground inorganic and organic pigments, e.g., phthalocyanine blue or diketopyrrolopyrrole red, automotive urethane and industrial epoxy coatings, post-consumer recycled printer inks, polystyrene packing, and acrylic gems have allowed him to create unique works of art.




Reinholtz has presented his work across the US, as well as in Dubai, Innsbruck, Sydney and Delhi. His elegant paintings are included in the permanent collections of institutions such as the Museum of Art and Design, New York, the Lipstick Building, New York, the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, and the National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi. Highlights of his 2013 include the solo exhibitions "Parallels” at Bern Gallery in New York, 2014 "Metamerism" at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery in Sydney, 2015 "Illuminant metameric failure" at Silver Contemporary in Houston.


Reinholtz, who attended the University of Connecticut and Towson University in Maryland, will participate in a solo exhibition at FOST Gallery, singapore in 2016.